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Sire Chanel XI---Dam Factura III
Bayo/buckskin  ggEeAaCCr

Puma winning the Section 8 (4 year old stallions)class at The National Breed Show 2015

Puma winning The Royal Windsor Horse Show 2015 with Emma Thomas from Esperanza Dressage.

Puma's first dressage win 2015 with James Smith from Esperanza Dressage 

Puma Backed , ridden and trained by Emma and James at Esperanza Dressage. They created a fabulous riding horse, so balanced and calm. 
Many thanks to you both.

Puma (3 years old) is now a graded stallion
Puma as a two year old
Puma as a yearling
Puma at 3 months                                                                                         Puma arrives at our stud
first day                                                                                         February sunshine  
Growing fast, now a yearling


His sire Chanel XI
His Famous grandsire  Revoltoso XXIX